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It's time to take your healthcare seriously. What Doctor's Don't Tell You magazine will help guide your personal health and wellbeing through bringing you the latest scientifically backed research on how you can live a healthy lifestyle.

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What Doctors Don't Tell You is a unique health magazine. It provides an easy to understand review of the shortcomings and limitations of conventional medicine and safer alternatives proven to work. It is a must read for anyone interested in medicine and health.

Every month What Doctors Don't Tell You reveals the therapies your doctor should be offering you. By researching the very latest discoveries from some of the world's most prestigious academies, including Oxford, Harvard and Yale, WDDTY brings you the very latest, and proven, therapies that could make all the difference to your condition. Its pages focus on prevention, too. The best diets, exercises and supplements are highlighted every month, making the magazine the complete health package for everyone of all ages.


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